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Crypto Seed Bank - Seed Phrase Storage Kit for Bitcoin Wallet Backup

Crypto Seed Bank - Seed Phrase Storage Kit for Bitcoin Wallet Backup

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  • ❰BUILT TO LAST❱ Made of 304-grade stainless steel, Crypto Seed Bank (CSB) is rust-proof, corrosion-proof, shock-proof, and fire-resistant up to 2642ºF. Store your private keys on CSB to help prevent the loss of your data in the event of a house fire, flood, or extreme shock.

    ❰CLEAR LETTERING❱ We’ve made it easier for all Crypto Hodlers to legibly write their seed phrases by introducing a design which features integrated letter stencils.

    ❰HIGH GRADE TUNGSTEN❱ CSB features significantly sharper and more durable tungsten tips than previously available. Rest assured that you’ll be able to engrave multiple wallets without the pen tip becoming dull.

    ❰SLIM DESIGN❱ at just 0.02 Inches (0.5 mm) thick, CSB is one of the thinnest options for seed storage on the market. Our design makes it easy to hide and store your seed words.

    ❰MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE❱ If you have a poor engraving experience, or are not satisfied with your Crypto Seed Bank, you’re entitled to receive a 100% refund.


    304 grade Stainless Steel

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    30-day money back guarantee.

    Care Instructions

    This product contains sharp objects and may poise serious harm. Prior to using this product, please read the
    instructions carefully.

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    • Small, light, and discreet packaging.