Etch A Pass | Getting Started


Prior to engraving:

1. Remove the plastic cap from the tip of the pen.

Do not press the thrust (top button) on the pen, as this will make the tungsten tip fall out.

Warning: the tungsten tip is extremely sharp - handle with care.

During Engraving:

1. To engrave into the steel cards with the letter stencils, you do not need to hold the pen with the same grip you would use to write on paper. Instead, try using a gentle 3 finger pronged grip, pinching the pen between your thumb, index and middle finger.

2. Hold the pen on an angle close to 90 ° to best fit the tip into the letter stencil.

After engraving:

The pen includes a graphite led piece behind the tungsten tip.

1. Remove the tungsten by pressing the back button. You can now use the pen for writing on paper! Plus, the pen's button can be removed and used a sharpener.



1. Place the metal cards on the table. Put the cards on top of each other, black sides facing up. The stencils of the top card will help you carefully etch your data into the bottom card.

2. To successfully use the letter stencils, use your non-writing hand to press down on the top card. This prevents it from sliding around while you are engraving. The easiest way to do this is to engrave on a thin table, so you can put your thumb on the underside of the table and "pinch" the card.

3. Letter by letter, engrave your data  into the metal card by tracing within the letter stencils. You do not need to press down with force: lightly drag the tip back and forth until the stencil is filled in. 

4. After completely engraving your data into the bottom card, place it on top of the unused card and proceed to engrave your data again.




    • There's room for mistakes on every line.
    • If you make a serious error while engraving a letter, simply cross it out and engrave the correct letter next to it.
    • The engraving process may make your hands/arms sore. To avoid unnecessary strain, please refer to the instructions and ensure that you are not engraving with too much force.
    • Also, you may consider taking frequent breaks.